About this Site

This site is intended for anyone who wants to build a free site using WordPress.

WordPress is by default a blog and not necessarily a website. But with a few minutes each day you can change the “default blog” into a website. Easy peasy.

I recommend WordPress because of its mission. It’s open source. Which means its free to use. The open source community is global. And as an added bonus! You don’t have to write code.

The Lessons Sidebar is a Custom Widget.

The Blogroll is made up of the Links menu.

Under Links, you can add categories which would give you additional Subheadings.

The Print Portfolio PDF and Resume are examples for students to review.

The header art work I am proud to say is my own. A commissioned oil painting of my Summer 2009 Portfolio Class. I think you can tell they were all having fun. You can check out the original on my art site pmcdity.com

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