Links Widgets and Menus

Important Note:

If you add a LINK in WordPress it will  automatically appear in the Blogroll

The Blogroll is a sidebar category. Categories behave like sub-menus or subheadings. In addition you can create a new categories like “Resumes” and “Galleries

The Menu is different but with some similarity. The menu has to be created. Its not preexisting. (See below)

But its advantage is that you control the outcome of the appearance.

Published Pages are added to the menu edit window and then you are a mouse click away from adding it to the hyperlink.

Whereas with Links there is a lot of copy and paste hyperlink, and Save, just a few more task involved. But then you can’t eliminate the Blogroll entirely so you might as well use it for something. I think it is good for the resume and other things like it. Unless you want to go nuts writing posts…then there is that.

Whether you go with Link Categories or Menus it’s your choice.


To create Links for everything from a Resume to a friends website:

Open the Page Editor then Right-Mouse-Click Links and Choose “Open in New TAB”. This way you can edit both dialogues simultaneously.

In the WordPress Dashboard go to Links: Add New.

Name the Link. I named mine Links, Widgets and Menus. Name your links something obvious, clear and to the point like “Gallery, Resume, etc”…

Copy and Paste the Web Address from the Permalink subheading in the Visual Editor

Type a Description: text will appear as you rollover the link

Set the Target to “blank”. This will open the page in a New Tab.

Save the Link by clicking Add Link


Create a Custom Menu with Widgets:

Go to the Appearance menu, Choose Widgets

Click and Drag the Custom Menu to the Sidebar

Check out the Sidebar on the right side of the screen

Click the Spindown icon on the Custom Menu and choose the link you want to add

Click Save

We’re almost done!


Edit the Menu

Go to Appearance> click Menus

Check out the multiple  dialogue boxes within the Menu Edit Window

Pages is a Default Category and your Custom Menu should also appear.

You can choose from Custom Links, Pages, and Categories

Simply choose the Custom Links by checking the box next to the link name>click the Add to Menu

To Save click the button on the right of the screen Save Menu

In the beginning I asked you to work in Two Tabs

Go back to the running Pages Tab

Click the Update button

We’re done…test the page in a new window. Your a rock star!

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