Start a Gallery

First use Photoshop’s Save for Web and Devices command to edit the images.

Click link to download handout Save for Web and Devices

In Photoshop change the file format to JPG from the default GIF.

Note: Using the File menu>Save As will not produce the desired result.

Attempt to get all JPG images down to 50KB or less. Maintaining small file sizes will speed up the loading of images.

1. In the WordPress Dashboard> Go to Pages> Add New

2. In the Edit Page window Title the Page a name that flows with the content: Gallery, 2D, 3D, Sketches, something applicable.

3. Import JPGs into theVisual Editor. Click the Add Image icon.

4.  Click the Select Files button in the dialogue> Navigate to the folder>Upload image.

An Import Image window will appear:

Import Image Edit Window

Note the Fields in the Import Image dialogue above.

  1. Title
  2. Alternate Text (shows on rollover of image)
  3. Caption (will appear under image on web page)
  4. Alignment (Center)
  5. Size:   choose from Thumbnail, Medium, Large, and Full size.
  6. Most Important button: Insert into Post

Note by default WordPress will automatically assign a link to the original image, when a user clicks the image no matter what size you choose the image will open in a New Window.



1.  Click the Image in the Visual Editor.

Two icons appear on the upper Lef t corner. Click the image thumbnail.

The Edit Image dialogue will appear.

2. Insert a number (points) under Image Properties: Add Vertical or Horizontal spacing to the image. You may also add a Border.

3. Under Target click open in a New Window. Leave unchecked if you want to it to open in the same window.

4. Click Update to save changes.



Organize the artwork so that it represents your best work. Avoid leaving questions about your choices i.e. the figure is out of proportion, the textures don’t tile seamlessly, the lighting is poor, the camera perspective is is too high or too far from the subject, “why would you choose that?

In the Visual Editor save your work.

Save Draft (Ctrl+S) Save Often


Test Page in New Tab

  1. Add Links and update Menus for the page
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