Start Demo Reel Page

Go to Pages in the WordPress Dash Board menu items on the left of the interface.

Click Add New

Name the Page “Demo Reel”

Note the Edit Page interface and all the icons at the top of the editor. There is a Visual editor (preferred) and HTML if you are competent writing code. I suggest letting WordPress write the code for you.

Note also the common appearance of icons we are all too familiar using like the Bold Type Icon, Italics, Bullets, Page Alignment (left, center and right) and the Link icons.

Just above that there are visual icons to Add Image, Add Video, and Add Audio. Roll over the icon to reveal its function.

Click the Save Draft button on the Upper right of the interface. Save Often

Note when you are ready you can choose to Publish the page. But once the page is Published the Save Draft option changes to Update.


Next we are going to embed the Demo Reel. WordPress charges a 15.00 dollar annual fee to store video. Your workaround is to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and embed the video

1. You need a small H.264 Quicktime movie uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

2. You will need an user account at either site.

3. Refer to the Quicktime H.264 handout provided for the class.

4. Format: 480 x 360, 32Khz audio, Mono, 12MB or Less.

5. Both sites have an embed code. Copy the embed code from the video site. Paste the code into the edit window. Hit Return or Enter.

6. WordPress will identify the code and link the file directly to your page.

Click the Update button the right

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